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Our Mission


At Einstein Retirement Workshops our mission is to educate you on the many aspects of Retirement planning that most people simply don’t know, or think about. We provide this education primarily through workshops held throughout the country for individuals and families who will be making decisions that will effect their retirements forever.  Whether those decisions are related to Social Security filing, Tax ramifications for income decisions in retirement, dealing with the Required Minimum Distribution Rule, Estate Planning and many other topics. If you attend one of our workshops, we are confident that you will enriched with beneficial information that will make a tremendous difference in your financial future.

Social Security Filing Workshop
  • How to avoid the most common mistakes when filing for you Social Security Benefit.

  • How Divorce affects your Social Security benefits and if you may be entitled to more than what you may think.

  • How widow or widower benefits may be significantly improved by implementing specific filing strategies.

  • How to avoid excessive taxation of your Social Security benefit.

  • The many ways to claim Social Security.

Tax Workshop
  • How different types of investment income can affect your taxes in retirement.

  • How failing to develop a plan can cause excess taxes in the thousands of dollars every year, leading to excessive portfolio pressure.

  • How Social Security benefit taxation can be used as an enhancement to retirement income instead of as a detractor.

  • Ways to structure your income to pay zero taxes in retirement.

  • How changes in the tax law provides unique opportunities.

Required Minimum Distributions
  • How the SECURE Act affects Required Minimum Distributions and how it doesn't.

  • When an age difference between spouses matters and what to do about it.

  • What can be done if you're still working and you are the appropriate age to start your Required Minimum Distribution.

  • How to handle Required Minimum Distributions that have already started.

  • What to do when your Required Minimum Distributions are created excessive taxes.

Estate Planning
  • How the SECURE act affects the inheritance of qualified assets, and what should be done about it.

  • Pitfalls of failing to properly plan for an estate transfer.

  • When a trust should be considered and when a will is good enough.

  • How to effectively plan for Medcaid laws should a long-term care event take place.

  • Tips to reduce estate planning costs.

  • Estate Tax changes and what they mean to you.

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